My Skills & Likes

When someone asks me what I like to do in my free time, I have a difficult time deciding what to say. I like doing a lot of different activities, but if I could narrow it down to five categories and how much I do of each, it would be:

Art (Drawing, painting, coloring, scrapbooking)0%
Writing (Working on a book right now, letters to friends)0%
Photography (Nature, landscapes, sometimes objects)0%
Music (Piano, guitar, ukulele)0%
Adventure (Things my dad wouldn't do)0%

My Favorite:


Shane & Shane - Is He Worthy


Community Films

I’ve recorded videos since I was young. When I was 11 years old I started to edit videos. Ever since then I would make videos here and there of a weekend trip in Florida or a funny skit with some friends. Just short videos for fun. In April 2021 I posted the first official skit I made on YouTube. Later on down the road I decided to create a channel just for skits. After thinking a while for a name I decided on Community Films because the vision is the do a skit or video of some sort in different communities. As of right now we have only one video on the channel right now. In the future I hope to have more content about not only skits but community its self. Things like, what community life is like and just the different things a community does together.

About "Out Of Zion"


I prayed for God to give me a way to make money and not too long after I started making money by selling bracelets. It started off with just selling them to my family’s friends and one at an event. For a while I wanted to set up a shop to be able to sell the bracelets online. I thought about names for the shop and couldn’t decide on one. It was when me and my dad were on a plane that I read Psalm 50:2 that I decided on Out Of Zion. Each unique bracelet has a meaning and story to it. One of my favorite bracelets is “The King bracelet”. It tells the story of King Jesus and the hope of Jesus’ return. Each bracelet also has different sizes so you can find the bracelet that fits you the best.