Hi. I’m Eli.

Here, you can kinda learn a little about me.

Like, you can scroll and like learn more about me and what I like, do or whatever. But….. yea.

I’ve been to jail a few times.

… But we can overlook that. 😉

Current Interests:

Car Detailing

I love car detailing for a couple of reasons, the first reason is that it’s always great to see the before and after result of the vehicle, and the second reason is that I can always think, listen to music, and pray when I’m out there working on a car by myself.


Basketball has been my favorite sport for a long time now. I started playing basketball when I was five years old and I’ve gotta say, I wasn’t very good, but like they say practice makes perfect and after a couple of years I got better. My favorite NBA team is the Milwaukee Bucks.

Paracord Bracelets

I love seeing the end result of every bracelet I make. There are different bracelet weaves to

Playing Percussion

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