What Is One Way Mom?

For a few years now my husband has been encouraging me to start my own blog. Well, here I am! Now where to start? Let’s talk about the beginning. It all started with a ministry called One Way Gospel . A couple of years ago my husband started this ministry with Christ centered vinyl decals. He would come up with a design, print it, and distribute it to believers in our area. He saw it as an excellent tool which provided an opportunity to minister to someone. As time went on he got into the shirt business and soon started his own gospel based website. Nowadays you can hear him on the One Way Podcast calling out some of the precious truths of the bible.

I am certain that believers are supposed to be a people set apart from the rest. We should be a peculiar people, not easily swayed by what the crowd is doing or what our culture says is good. We must be grounded in our faith in Jesus Christ, he’s the center of it all. And so when my husband wouldn’t relent on the idea of me having my own blog, I decided I would take the plunge. I want to be a blessing to others. I don’t want to go through this life without emulating the goodness of my Jesus. And what better name for my blog then One Way Mom? My hopes for this blog is that I can reach out to women young and old from every walk of life and bless them in some way. This ministry embodies the One Way movement and I’m happy to be here. Blessings to you all.

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